36K in 36 Hours

Please join at whatever level you can, to help us continue our vital work. 


During this entire Covid-19 period - we didn't retreat even one step back.
took many NEW  steps forward:
Hundreds of Zoom Classes/ Celebrations /Holiday Events to help inspire and
continue the community 
&  mitigate the loneliness that is all pervasive 
The activities surrounding the HOH - were doubled 
We expanded  our outdoor facilities to work within the new reality 
We spent many thousands of dollars supporting people who struggled with
mental illness or strained relationships - brought upon by the onset of this

Yet , Our support has taken a huge hit - Close to 40% less than what we were
able to raise last year-
as several of our key donors have been forced to take a severe step back or
stop supporting 

With deepest appreciation,

Rabbi Zalman and Yehudis Bluming